carlos ancalmo,


some highlights / lowlights upon entering from stage left > 67 hand-held calculator invented, salvadoran poet roque dalton leaves prague for paris 68 ancalmo's in chicago to the sounds of rioting, brazil vinyl in tow 69 man on the moon, el salvador bests honduras in so-called soccer war 75 from new orleans southbound, roque hell-bent on destiny, exeunt omnes 78 learning to skate at toronto's city hall, which curves a lot like el monumento a los caidos de la revolucion early 80s back in US 500 page novel, upgraded trs-80 to 64k, an unfinished symphony, or watercolors of extinct animals 89 leaving new orleans med school after one week, drifting into pre-photoshop world, inhabiting architectural diaspora 92 mercurial student of life, check your head in paris 93 diving at grothus' black hole, los alamos for infinite gravity in sculpture 94 buda without, if only buddha within late 90s pope visits cuba shutting down bureaucracy, co-curated art show on back-burner after trip to havana, epiphany, master painter, master drawer, master of nothing 01 'god only knows what i'd be without you', nyc, hedon vs dolor 00s various art grants and exhibitions, writings and readings 03 a project with florian begins fantastically