Fangohr, Florian,
Direktohr, Design


Before starting Fangohr, LLC., Florian worked at VH1 and MTV as well as at an internet start-up in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany. In 1997 he moved to San Francisco, where he co- founded a design firm that built the ‘International Herald Tribune’ web site. Florian settled in New York in 2000. He named the studio after himself to remedy the fact that in Germany it's a ridiculous last name, and at the same time, celebrate that in America it could be that of a super-villain. Throughout his career Florian worked with great clients such as National Geographic / Lindblad, NPR, NYFD, Good, and Seed magazine. He also co-taught web design at SVA and has been a juror at the SxSW interactive awards for 4 years.