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April 27, 201504, 27, 2015

21st century products

We’re still here. We’ve just turned ourselves away from marketing and into a product development shop.

Currently, we’re working on fixing the healthcare system and bringing the workplace online.


September 16, 201309, 16, 2013

The All New Edun

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In time for the New York Fashion Week we built the website for Edun. The company was founded by Ali Hewson + husband Bono. Collection design by Danielle Sherman. 

January 20, 201301, 20, 2013

Change 4 Cancer

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We launched this Facebook application in partnership with the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. All donations go directly to the best young minds in the cancer research field, and we think that’s just great.

January 10, 201301, 10, 2013

Years of Living Dangerously

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We’ve launched the site for this upcoming Showtime show as invite-only for now.  We’re really excited for it to go public, and to watch the show this fall, with the likes of James Cameron, Don Cheadle and the Governator diving into climate change.


December 24, 201212, 24, 2012

Katz Holiday Card 2012

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Our most exciting Katz holiday card yet. Hope you have a strong stomach.

November 01, 201211, 01, 2012

Now everywhere

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The all new, device-agnostic, ‘Titel Media Network’. Re-designed and re-engineered by yours truly.

September 12, 201209, 12, 2012

All systems go

July 10, 201207, 10, 2012

I hired a zombie

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We developed an infographic for Vitamin Talent/Aquent that visualizes the true cost of a bad hire. Want to keep the “working dead” from affecting your bottom line? Hint: bring some garlic to the interview.

February 06, 201202, 06, 2012


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we developed the graphic identity + responsive site for a company started by our friends from the future well. sherpaa is there 24/7 to reduce anxiety about your health, and allows you to get the best care from the challenged us health system.


December 22, 201112, 22, 2011


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Legit Aims to be the Credit System of the Sharing Economy. We helped build the brand and parts of the digital product. For the low-down on the brand journey, have a look over at

April 30, 201104, 30, 2011

Talent Takes the F Train to Brooklyn

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Fangohr, LLC was recently featured in the cover story of the newly redesigned Adweek. We won’t complain that they got our address wrong.

February 22, 201102, 22, 2011

only connect

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we’re working with our friends at the future well and sanofi on their new “connecting nurses” initiative. the campaign is trying to encourage innovation in nursing by allowing care providers the world around to submit ideas for improving working conditions and their patients’ health. we quickly launched an internal website to keep the project’s stakeholders informed, and we’re working to create the public application as we speak.

February 07, 201102, 07, 2011

set a course for adventure

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we’ve been working with lindblad expeditions / national geographic to design, write, and produce a series of micro-sites touting the extraordinary expedition-style journeys they make to destinations like antarctica, the galapagos, and the arctic. galapagos 360° and antarctica are currently live, and we’ll be starting work on a few more destinations in the next month.
now, to see if we can get a friends and family discount on an expedition to antarctica.

January 03, 201101, 03, 2011

the shipping news

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we designed, architected, and wrote the copy for lindblad expeditions / national geographic’s new online travel documents resource. now, the lucky adventurers who have booked an expedition with lindblad and nat geo can find the information they need and fill out all their travel documents before they set out to destinations like antarctica, west africa, or the galapagos.


November 29, 201011, 29, 2010

owning it

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we refreshed the site for our friends at own entity, featuring their new work in a stunner of an html5 slideshow, and giving the copy a new coat of paint.

October 15, 201010, 15, 2010

fangohr 4.0

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we celebrated the christening of our 4th office and it was awesome. want to be at the next party? stalk us on twitter or get on our malling list.

September 21, 201009, 21, 2010

safety first

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we’ve been working with safelight security advisors to revamp and redesign their online coursework. our first entry concerns evil hackers using cross-site scripting to hijack websites. fangohr, llc — making the world a safer place.

September 09, 201009, 09, 2010

the peace dividend

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we designed, architected, and wrote the copy for the website for bpeace, a remarkable organization that helps entrepreneurs in conflict-torn countries build businesses, jobs, and ideally, peace. we had absolutely nothing to do with the engineering side of things.

August 18, 201008, 18, 2010

barely legal

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we developed a new corporate identity and web presence for the law firm delizio + gilliam, intellectual property and patent attorneys with offices across the county. we wanted to connect the idea of technical innovation with the great explorers of the early 20th century — this is an image of tenzing norgay and sir edmund hillary scaling mt. everest.

June 20, 201006, 20, 2010

it’s all good

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We designed and built an interactive infographic for good magazine. This visualisation tracks participants in cliff bar’s 2 mile challenge—a pledge drive that accrues miles biked instead of money raised.
Give the biker a nudge and watch the miles add up. Or why not get on your own bike and pedal a few miles this summer?

March 05, 201003, 05, 2010

the laboratory is open

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we have launched a site for internal projects, thoughts, and commentary.
visit the

February 01, 201002, 01, 2010

climate central

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We are working with Climate Central to visualise NASA data related to climate change for publication in print and television.


December 31, 200912, 31, 2009

own entity, llc

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We just launched a quick site for our friends at own entity, llc. Congratulations on the midnight launch!

October 26, 200910, 26, 2009

katz in the www

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we designed the web site for katz architecture and lead the marketing efforts to spread the word.
here is one architect who won’t be sleeping under a bridge because of the recession:

September 23, 200909, 23, 2009

blackarrow, inc

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we adjusted the site for a company working to bridge mobile, classic television, on-demand, and web video ad-programming. black arrow, inc is backed by big blue chips investors like intel and cisco, and well positioned in the market for success. after a couple of runs at target practice we hit the black.

August 31, 200908, 31, 2009

rémy cointreau usa

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we teamed up with redspeak, who acted as creative lead and client liaison, to design and program rémy cointreau’s us web site. since we had to show a rich portfolio and a text heavier corporate site, we developed a flash/html hybrid.
have a look.

July 31, 200907, 31, 2009

lucas nasson kim joins fangohr, llc

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after a lengthy application process (~ 600 resumés) lucas kim fills the role of senior designer. view his work

July 14, 200907, 14, 2009

keep your head (and résume) above water

keep your head (and résume) above water

Posted by florian fangohr

After receiving hundreds of applications for our junior design application, we have some wisdom to share: The top ten to do’s to get noticed.


June 23, 200906, 23, 2009

print’s not dead…

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many thanks to armin vit of ‘under consideration’ for featuring our brochure and business cards on his site: for print only. there are some more self promotional print projects here.

May 31, 200905, 31, 2009

seed: state of innovation

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we created a web site for a conference seed’s media group put on together with the council on competitiveness. speakers included paola antonelli (moma), Ben fry (seed phylotaxis lab), and Wayne Clough (Secretary, Smithsonian Institution), among others: the state of innovation

May 01, 200905, 01, 2009

foodtyrant goes live

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the public beta is up and running. we hacked google map to use our own graphics which we created from scratch, including the greasy marks. the site features the best food in manhattan, eschewing user generated content because the tyrant knows best.

March 21, 200903, 21, 2009

our first time: sxsw interactive

our first time: sxsw interactive

Posted by florian fangohr

so, 2009 was our first time. first south by south west, that is. initially, the idea was to write about the experience and use it as an excuse to kick off this blog. turns out, it’s really difficult to find something to say about the panels that hasn’t been life-blogged, and re-tweeted two million times—maybe even harder than resisting to elbow the two transcription egomaniacs left and right of me in the face (. so we settled for a grab bag of things: some things to keep in mind in case you are going in ‘10, videos .


March 12, 200903, 12, 2009

seed media group

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We developed seed media group’s media kit and cms. In an effort to translate the passion with information graphics to describe the group’s properties in detail, we created an animated node-chart. The site is be fully editable by the team

February 15, 200902, 15, 2009

judging sxsw interactive

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florian will be judging the “technical achievement” and “best blog” categories for the SxSW interactive awards. please say hello if you will be there too!

February 13, 200902, 13, 2009

seed - the universe in ‘09

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we launched the web companion to seed magazine’s year-end issue: the universe in 09 to coincide with the world economic forum davos.

view the live site or view our casestudy


December 24, 200812, 24, 2008

best wishes for the new year

best wishes for the new year

Posted by florian fangohr

‘09 is going to be fantastic.


November 06, 200811, 06, 2008

egg baby

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We designed and built the web site an online apparel store for the little ones, built on the Magento e-commerce platform.

August 11, 200808, 11, 2008

interesting? you be the judge.

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we helped plan a conference called ‘interesting’ with their web presence and collateral design. trying not to look presumptuous and define the subject ourselves, we opted to feature user submissions to allow for any possible interpretation of ‘interesting.’  what’s yours?

August 11, 200808, 11, 2008



Posted by florian fangohr

We helped schematic win a Nokia pitch and steered Walgreens into the arms of makeover solutions. It pays off to partner with us: So far not so much for us, but definitely for you (wink.)


May 20, 200805, 20, 2008

elsa, alec + castill[oh]

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elsa chaves (design), alec cumming (director of technology) + david castillo (strategy and project management) join fangohr, llc.

May 10, 200805, 10, 2008

open studios at fangohr

open studios at fangohr

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

open studios at 147 jay street + bands at rebar + snacks, drinks, ping pong + mario kart at suite 206

5pm-12am on thursday may 15 2008

your primary hosts: elsa, becky, alec, florian + zoe
co-hosted by: josh and tarikh aka uncommon projects

147 front street suite 206
répondez s’il vous plaît


March 14, 200803, 14, 2008


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hush moved next door and becky o’brien joined our team as a design intern. Finally we can bring back the ping pong table.

March 14, 200803, 14, 2008

singapore university

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skidmore, ownings and merryll llp asked us to create a presentation of the new singapore university expansion to the country’s prime minister.

February 27, 200802, 27, 2008

saving the planet, selling preservatives + refreshing makeover.

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we’re working with node consulting to convince a top ten plastics manufacturer to invest big into alternative packaging. we are in the process of rebranding while building a condom store for planned parenthood.


December 08, 200712, 08, 2007


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the year is coming to an end, but work doesn’t stop piling up; there is the identity of katz architecture, several manga book covers, identity re-design/type/logo animation of docfactory, design and build of the restaurant guide ‘food tyrant’, and marketing materials for the music site pitchfork media.

October 11, 200710, 11, 2007

gargyle transcends shopping nirvana

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gargyle is featured on dailycandy:
“Boutique concept inspired by country club lifestyle of yesteryear. Modernized, uplifted, and artfully laid out. The online shop is a favorite, but stop by the showroom if you prefer to try things on before purchasing.”

Over 12.000 shoppers today and the site withstood the storm with only a minor hick-up on the webhost’s side. we are getting ready to work on a new set of features next week.

dailycandy on gargyle

shop gargyle

September 01, 200709, 01, 2007

meet our neighbor: gargyle

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we built an online fashion store for our new friends across the hall. use coupon code “gogargyle” for 10% off your order.

sorry coupon expired.


August 06, 200708, 06, 2007

the slowskys

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we helped built a site for comcast’s slowsky campaign. we constructed an analogue furniture “web site”, designed the living room backdrop, roof scene and more. honest animated and built the thing.

view work


July 01, 200707, 01, 2007

successful pitch

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the work we contributed to the johnson & johnson pitch helped naked communications win a good slice of the business.

June 01, 200706, 01, 2007

1 in 100

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digital thread picked us as top agency. we’re honored.

here is what they had to say.

April 26, 200704, 26, 2007

off to unveil a humanitarian brand

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after designing the identity and web site for detention watch network, we were invited to present the new look to the public at the organisation’s immigrants’ rights conference in dc. the non-profit paid for our dragon coach bus tickets to washington.

view dwn case study

April 18, 200704, 18, 2007

naked site launch

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naked communications’s (new york) site just launched: we built a wooden miniature bungalow and blog, then connected the two with wires.

view casestudy

February 10, 200702, 10, 2007

website award, minimal art

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the dvdr panasonic web site we designed last year won a w3 award. the web site and art management system for minimalist painter daniel levine are live.

view panasonic case study
visit daniel levine


October 02, 200610, 02, 2006

hey hush…

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we had to fold up the ping-pong table because david schwarz and erik karasyk aka hush moved into our space.

September 26, 200609, 26, 2006

estee lauder prescriptives and usa network

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we are working with estee lauder’s prescriptives brand to bring digital training devices to their beautiful counters. the two titles we designed for usa network are close to the final treatments.

June 18, 200606, 18, 2006

busy, busy, busy!

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we are working with usa network, panasonic, transistor, brand new school, and oxo.

June 01, 200606, 01, 2006

moving again

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we signed the lease on our own space (#206 just down the hall.)

Our official address is now:
fangohr, llc
68 Jay Street Suite 206
Brooklyn, NY 11201

April 21, 200604, 21, 2006

fangohr celebrates (in) the new ohffices

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one year incorporated - one evening with friends.

March 01, 200603, 01, 2006

fangohr finds a new home in dumbo

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we are now sharing space with two architecture firms: jpda and the oculus group.

February 01, 200602, 01, 2006

non-profit work for kids

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fangohr designs minds matter annual report


December 01, 200512, 01, 2005

fangohr moves to south brooklyn

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our new space is in windsor terrace:

11 windsor place brooklyn, ny 11215

November 21, 200511, 21, 2005

fangohr hires carlos cancalmo

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carlos joins fangohr to support the design team.

November 01, 200511, 01, 2005

millennium dome

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jordan parnass digital architecture asked us to contribute ideas and art direct the pitch for the o2 dome in london. we won the bid.

September 01, 200509, 01, 2005

fangohr designs local matters brand

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after having a hand in designing the private label prototype, perry evans (founder and former ceo of mapquest) taps fangohr again to give name and face to his latest business endeavor, local matters

June 21, 200506, 21, 2005

gregory carafelli photography

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working for philadelphia-based photographer gregory carafelli fangohr developes logo and collateral

June 01, 200506, 01, 2005

working for uncommon projects

May 21, 200505, 21, 2005

urge frog

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working for frog design; florian fangohr art directs the mtv urge music application

April 01, 200504, 01, 2005

working with miki takeda

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working for product designer miki takeda, fangohr designs a logo and helps with the site

March 21, 200503, 21, 2005

founding day

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in the runnning since 2004 today fangohr, llc is officially established

February 01, 200502, 01, 2005

aptas brand

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aptas hires fangohr to redesign current web site + develop their future brand.

February 01, 200502, 01, 2005

panasonic ecommerce

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working for renegade marketing; we are hired to re-design the panasonic direct checkout.

February 01, 200502, 01, 2005

back to the boroughs

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our little office stint in manhattan ended. we are back in brooklyn.


November 03, 200411, 03, 2004

manhattan transfer

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new shared space in manhattan’s garment district with rafael esquer

September 03, 200409, 03, 2004

jason wachtelhausen joins fangohr.

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fangohr’s new editorial voice has written for wired, adbusters, technics, bullfight review and somewhat, where he is a regular contributor.

July 01, 200407, 01, 2004

three months co

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colorado based search company hires fangohr to work on-site in secrecy

May 16, 200405, 16, 2004

fantastic voyage

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florian fangohr and carlos ancalmo installation exhibit. an homage to the 1973 french-czech animated film “la planète sauvage”.

May 11, 200405, 11, 2004

flo in a bag

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florian fangohr gets in a bag for rafael esquer’s "get out the vote" poster

April 22, 200404, 22, 2004

panasonic site redesign and branding

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renegade consults fangohr for upcoming panasonic site redesign and logo work.
fangohr designs renegade marketing brochure.

February 22, 200402, 22, 2004

all new renegade

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fangohr gives renegade marketing group a new face: logo, website and brand.


October 10, 200310, 10, 2003

adobe cs launch

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florian fangohr assists grey marketing with the adobe creative suite launch and works to expand adobe’s brand into the enterprise space

July 02, 200307, 02, 2003

typecon minneapolis

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florian fangohr is a panelist at typecon 2003 in minneapolis, with jemma gura, joe kral and mike cina.


October 30, 200010, 30, 2000


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while working for organic, inc: florian fangohr is art director and lead designer for reebok’s global web sites,,, fannie mae’s intranet, the mony brokerage web site and travelweb. florian was also involved in the design of, and did online work for the new york fire department

August 06, 200008, 06, 2000

east coast calls

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florian fangohr moves to new york city

June 22, 200006, 22, 2000


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mike kohnke, joachim müller-lancé and florian fangohr found typebox. kohnke and lancé later become partners of the typefoundry, florian fangohr helps build

April 01, 200004, 01, 2000


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florian fangohr and john weir found the design studio mr~acorn in san francisco

work begins on which John Weir launches later that year.


October 22, 199810, 22, 1998

1998-2000 hotstudio, san francisco

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working for maria guidice’s hot studio, in san francisco: florian fangohr helps design and gather tips for "web design essentials" an adobe book published by peachpit press.
florian also lead the design of the web client for vantive’s crm software, later acquired and the foundation for peoplesoft 9, designed the first bank of america banking web site, art-directed california casualty’s web site and built hotstudio’s own internet presence.
he was also involved in various book projects for agfa and the design of


February 22, 199702, 22, 1997

me myself and eye / hamburg germany

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while working for mme: florian fangohr is the lead designer of mtv germany and helps build web sites for milka chocolates, kraftfoods germany, vh-1 germany and the expo2000 in hannover


December 01, 199512, 01, 1995

florian joins surver:

Timeline Image

florian joins surver:
in the frame: henner henkel + rita wirth.

October 22, 199510, 22, 1995

surver founded

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kevin krause co-founds web design start-up firm surver.