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    we helped grey global with the launch of adobe's creative suite 1.0 and to extend the adobe brand into the enterprise space in print and online media.
  • 2/10 
    grey global hired us for fresh ideas: extend adobe’s brand into the enterprise market and have it stand up to heavyweights like ibm and oracle. the first project was a brochure announcing the partnership of the two firms — industry strength database meets pdf workflow. adobe brochure cover
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    adobe brochure pages 2 & 3 (transparent red gel on the right)
  • 4/10 
    adobe brochure pages 4 & 5 (gel turned revealing info)
  • 5/10 
    adobe brochure pages 6 & 7
  • 6/10 
    adobe brochure pages 8 & 9
  • 7/10 
    adobe brochure pages 10 & 11
  • 8/10 
  • 9/10 
    ads promoting adobe pdf
  • 10/10 
    ads promoting adobe pdf 2

in practice

to show that the alliance was more than the sum of its parts, semi transparent red gel was used to conceal parts of the text set in adobe’s corporate red. sap’s strengths, printed in black, were always visible but when turned, the gel page would reveal the red type and fill in what adobe was bringing to the alliance.  thought through: to make sure the gel wouldn’t stick and spoil the surprise, we added a die cut for the thumb on the cover.  always looking to save: be it trees or your money - since no stock photography was used no royalties had to be paid, which can be a major cost factor when communicating internationally - printing the brochure only required a three color process which further eliminated costs

from there

translation of the brochure for the european and asian markets


a happy client and a happy boss of the client. the brochure was handed up adobe’s corporate hierarchy and a compliment fell down;  melissa dyrdahl, svp of marketing, was in love:

from: “collins, crissie”
subject: a compliment on the enterprise creative
date: thu, 16 oct 2003
hi team, i wanted to pass along a compliment on the sap dm piece i received from the client today. peter showed the comp to the senior vp of corporate marketing and communications today, and she loved it. she said it is exactly the kind of work they’re looking for to support adobe’s enterprise offerings. great work.  the creative has really made an impression at adobe.  best regards,  crissie

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creative director
khaled sawaf

russ sehnert

concept, art direction and design
florian fangohr