A new identity puts
Delizio + Gilliam on
the map.

Delizio + Gilliam is a law firm that ensures inventors and entrepreneurs reap the fruits of their labor.

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We pioneered the law firm’s corporate identity, likening its clients to the great explorers and entrepreneurs who, throughout history, push forward relentlessly to unconquered frontiers.

Concept, copy, graphic identity, web design, engineering
HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails
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The identity

We developed a logo that is both antique and timeless. In years past, it could have been found on a crate at expedition basecamp. While now, it’s more fitting on a business card.

Color chips

  • #ffffff
  • #bd2a27
  • #6d6a6b

Delizio + Gilliam typography:

Benton Gothic and Benton Modern Display

The Journey

delizio+gilliam screenshot
Before setting out, we thought it would be useful to plot a map.
delizio+gilliam screenshot
Here the good-humored legal team poses for the camera just miles from the North Pole.


On the journey, we discovered authenticity is sometimes in the minutiae.

delizio+gilliam stationary
delizio+gilliam business cards
Delizio + Gilliam’s business cards are printed on an antiquated engraving machine that was once steam powered.
delizio+gilliam screenshot
Like an engineer's schematics, fold lines are subtley engraved onto the stationery.

The pinnacle

In the end, Delizio + GIlliam’s new design, brand language, and identity ensured they’d never again get lost in the wilderness of the web.

delizio+gilliam screenshot

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