Spotlight on human rights.

Detention Watch Network is an advocacy coalition of organizations and individuals for the humane treatment of immigrants in detention. When asked to redesign their website, we readily agreed, under the condition that we could re-design their graphic identity as well.

Detention Watch Network

We were honored to be invited to the unveiling of DWN's new logo at Georgetown’s Immigration Law and Policy Conference.

Logo, graphic identity, print materials, writing

The identity

The logo: After the DWN team rolled eyes at our peace doves, we found inspiration in the invisibility of immigrants in detention, and DWN’s efforts to bring the issues to light. A jumpsuit-orange spotlight is shone on the wire of a fence.

Color chips

  • #fd631a
  • #000000
  • #ffffff

DWN typefaces:

Foundry Gridnik Bold and Regular

Detention Watch Network screenshot

Visit Detention Watch Network and inform yourself on the issues. The original site was designed by us, but we did not build and maintain it.

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