• 1/6 
    DOCFACTORY IS A PRODUCTION HOUSE DEVELOPING DOCUMENTARY FILMS ON GLOBAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES. we created their identity: working simultaneously on the site, stationery, logo, typeface and motion graphics, we used the restrictions of the different media to our advantage.
  • 2/6 
    fresh off the press, embossed and de-bossed, the new cards. the docfactory logo: anamorphic ratio box.
  • 3/6 
    docfactory stencil and docfactory normal. custom typeface design.
  • 4/6 
    the site. all assets from our video shoot for the movie trailer
  • 5/6 
    the site. carrier pigeons.
  • 6/6 
    animation sequence for dvd distribution and theater.

the story

our brief was to overhaul the old design which borrowed from old library files, sporting microfiche and typewriter fonts, toward digital filmmaking. we decided to set up a film shoot, to create assets that could be used as either motion or still images.  with a rough edit of the footage, we had a good idea of where we were headed so we turned toward the logo. the typeface needed to feel modern but stay somewhat industrial. not satisfied with any of the type we had researched, we merged two designs and injected characteristics of our on. with the right letters, we finally framed the fact in a widescreen box, to make the connection…  excited about the new logo type, we proceeded to draw a full typeface which is slated to make its’ first appearance in the titles of an upcoming docfactory feature.  leftovers: the widescreen format business cards with an emboss that would show through on both sides of the card. it’s a good idea to look at ‘the facts’ from all angles.

docfactory trailer

shot in dumbo, brooklyn, the footage was used throughout the design of the materials.

docfactory hd trailer


look for our work at the next sundance festival.  visit docfactory.org

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