Leave your car parked,

In collaboration with GOOD magazine, we created a dynamic infographic for Clif Bar's 2 Mile Challenge. 40% of all urban trips are two miles or less, so replace your short car trip with a bike ride — for fun, freedom, and to fight climate change.

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The cyclist and car in our infographic are in a race to take over the planet. Luckily, that car isn’t going anywhere. To view the challenge’s progress over time, push the cyclist along the track.

With each passing day, the timeline scaled itself down based on live data. The infographic interfaced with Clif Bar's 2 Mile Challenge application to update itself whenever a cyclist logged a trip.

concept, infographic, web design, Livedata, interactive, timeline engineering
Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript
Visualizing the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge


Munich Olympics 1972 Munich Olympics 1972 TÜV Geprüft 2010
We took inspiration from a classic German brand of bike repair equipment and Otl Aicher’s color palette for the 70s Olympic games.

Push through

To give visitors a sense of just how much their efforts are paying off, the infographic calculates trips around the world and car rides avoided.

As the challenge gained traction, riders in each state could see how they were stacking up against each other.  California has boasting rights for faintest carbon footprint. Illinois comes in at second.

So far, participants of the 2 Mile Challenge have directed $350k to non-profits working to make the US a bike-friendly place.

Good Clif Bar Challenge California

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