• 1/12 
    we teamed up with oia to kick-start the nyc chapter of 'interesting': an event giving people the opportunity to share their passion on stage. the site was designed to hold submissions and got out of the way to let the founders, speakers, and site visitors define the subject themselves.
  • 2/12 
    the homepage is a wall of videos and pictures. your only two options are to contribute or find out more.
  • 3/12 
    programs with numbers serving as tickets.
  • 4/12 
    close up.
  • 5/12 
    the program: sliced and folded it contains the schedule and speaker information
  • 6/12 
    the program: sliced and folded it contains the schedule and speaker information
  • 7/12 
    low cost package. materials from a industrial supply catalog added a touch of interesting yellow throughout.
  • 8/12 
    tweets are piped to the site and user submissions archived as a feed.
  • 9/12 
    we also had a hand in the projection.
  • 10/12 
    is laughter really the best medicine? do not crush.
  • 11/12 
    show of hands. nearly 250 attendees at the conference start-up.
  • 12/12 
    Recursion: in order to show David Nottoli how to fold and cut the conference program we uploaded a video demonstration to the conference site.

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our program guide was produced for pennies and designed to play triple duty. 1. way-finding: it could be unfolded as a poster which was populated with a selection of submissions from the web site. 2. ticket: it was numbered and fulfilled the function of a ticket, plus you could see who was an early bird. 3. program: the brochure contained all relevant information about the event and the speakers.

being fans of recursion, we posted an instructional video for david nottoli, who was responsible for folding close to 300 programs to the interesting site:


considering that the site was the only tool of promotion for filling not only the seats in the audience but also recruiting the speakers on stage, we declared the project a success:  some 6,500 visitors later, we had recruited a roster of 28 great speakers and the auditorium was nearly sold out.

Thank you to everybody who made Saturday’s event a big success.  Our volunteers for donating their time and energy, our friends at Fangohr for their ideas, energy and leadership on the design, site and sales materials, our speakers for being not only interesting but exceptional people, and the near-capacity crowd for their attention, enthusiasm and willingness to stand up and talk like tomatoes.

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