An identity is not built
in a day.

Katz Architecture approached us in need of a new design system, and fast. Their logo and visual identity were nowhere near as eye-catching as their own work. Asking us to finish in a rush before their office move, we declined. We wanted to get this right.

Katz Architecture

In the interim, we planned out some cool stickers to retro-fit old collateral with new information, and used the extra time to transition and formulate the new brand.

The new logo design was discovered in one of the stickers. From there, we designed the new Katz stationery.

Graphic identy, copy, concept. web design, programming, presentation, motion graphics, stationery, collateral. print materials
Expression Engine, HTML, Javascript, jQuery animation, Flash, Swiffy
Katz Architecture Stickers

The identity

In the Katz logo, the K touches the A creating depth in the graphic, even though the logo is flat and monocolored.

Color chips

  • #1db1e2
  • #ffffff
  • #000000
  • #fff200

Katz Typography:

We stuck with the Trade Gothic of the existing design and paired it with Netto:

The logo finds its home

Katz Architecture
To keep the Katz identity consistent, we continue to work with the firm on additions to their site, moving announcements, and yearly holiday cards.
To market Katz’s new planning branch, we took a stab at guerilla marketing. We dare you to not click.


Beautiful work!
David Katz, founderVia email
So creative,
as usual!
David Katz, founderVia email
Love it! David Katz, founderVia email
Wonderful! David Katz, founderVia email

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