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The Lindblad Expedition/National Geographic partnership guides modern expeditioners to the ends of the earth, with special care not to prompt the end of the world. When first introduced, the Lindblad team only wanted design assistance with their online documents microsite. We wanted to do so much more.

Breaking the ice

Lindblad - Antarctica Home

The success of our first project convinced Lindblad to let us design, write, and code microsites for two key destinations: the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.

Information architecture, copy, concept. web design, programming
ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript

Bring the islands to life

Lindblad - Galapagos Islands

Introducing Dot.it™ (no, we did not trademark the tortoise). Dot.it™ is used to enhance imagery. The dots don't distract from the photo, but they're clickable and reveal information relevant to your travels.

Introducing your companions

Lindblad - Galapagos Islands

Unlike Lindblad’s main website, the Antarctica and Galapagos microsites introduce you to the crew, naturalists, and professional photographers who will accompany you on your journey. We wrote close to 200 biographies.

Lindblad - Galapagos Islands

The tiny photos on the legacy site didn’t do justice to the amazing photography in the Lindblad Expedition's library. We spent hours sorting through the image archive to choose images as stunning as the actual destinations. Some of this work involved sorting through hundreds of penguin photographs.

Know exactly what you’ll encounter

Lindblad - Galaitin
We crafted day-by-day itineraries, paired them with trip maps, and even offered book recommendations to entice and ease the worries of the wary traveller.

Broadened horizons

Lindblad - Sealion

By color coding the rates page, making itineraries browsable by date and price, and adding an interactive deck map with links to amenities, our microsites combined and enhanced all of Lindblad's offerings to make them user-friendly.

Led into traffic

Lindblad - Brochure Page

From several initial ideas we created two different brochure functionalities that went into the A/B test shootout. This shelf emerged as the winner. Our new brochure page began to carry the brunt of the traffic on the site.

The shelf wasn’t just stunning because of the animated CSS 3 transformations of the brochure graphics along the vanishing point — it also worked harder:

-20% exits,
-10% bounces

The numbers for the brochure page said that the page was more inviting after we were done with it.

50% less time on page.

Spending less time on our brochure page is a good thing. It meant the site visitors found their brochure much faster than they did before.


Lindblad - Sealion
We're still trying to convince them to send us on an expedition. For research purposes, of course.

Love from Lindblad

You are truly a pleasure to work with and you can quote that! Christine Bastoni, Creative DirectorVia email

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