• 1/8 
    when mapquest and jabber founder/ceo perry evans moved on to a new business called 'aptas', we helped design their most important piece of software, re-named the company 'local matters' and built their brand, world-around.
  • 2/8 
    final local matters logo on business card
  • 3/8 
    icon system to make the product offerings clear
  • 4/8 
    five piece stationery system. designed for several offices internationally
  • 5/8 
    we delivered branding documents that update their content over the net
  • 6/8 
    strategic work included naming the company and writing the brand statement
  • 7/8 
    meticulous usage and spacing guidelines for consistency in the different offices
  • 8/8 
    the web site. rapid turn around to coincide with an important press release

in practice

the premise was to go to colorado to design super secret software; out came super secret software, plus a new company name, identity, web site, five piece collateral set and a brand manual to tie it all together.  even though it wasn’t always easy to ground the ambitions of ‘local matters’. we worked hard to boil down the companies’ mission into layman’s terms and managed to hold hands with them as they impatiently hopped up the path of expansion, receiving tens of millions in funding and adjusting their mission statement while gobbling up companies left and right. bon appétit!


after unveiling the brand to the company, paul krygowski, local matters vice president of creative, sent us an instant message.

such strong response to your work at the presentation yesterday, people were clapping.

if you could use some corporate excitement too, contact us

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concept, copy + design
florian fangohr

joachim müller-lancé

local matters team
creative direction
paul krygowski

design help
brady becker