• 1/12 
    global strategy firm naked asked us to build a blog for the new york office. a blog? "how about a 1950s miniature bungalow, with live video feedback and lights remote-controlled from a blog?" to us ambitious ideas come easily, here is proof we also see them through.
  • 2/12 
    march 6th, 2007: the house of naked
  • 3/12 
    april 13th, 07: the house of naked, connected to power and data grids.
  • 4/12 
    the hopr (named after the wargames wopr) controls the lights and servos
  • 5/12 
    the living room: trophies above the lit bar
  • 6/12 
    bunkbeds and flamingo lighting. furnishings made from scratch
  • 7/12 
    the kitchen. plumbing clearly visible. lights in the fridge
  • 8/12 
    kitchen interior. all props made. a real light bulb instead of a led.
  • 9/12 
    props where they are due. model of the house in the house, upper right.
  • 10/12 
    late night setup. naked sponsored a pizza, the porch table came with it.
  • 11/12 
    the web site. click on the front porch to control the lights or get lost in the blog.
  • 12/12 
    house of naked: the making of (last day.)

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in practice

we asked uncommon projects (our partners and office mates), to help with the development of the blog, feed aggregator, lights and motors, so we could concentrate on being architects, builders, interior decorators, furniture makers, landscapers, photographers and web designers.

the digital side

on the blog-side, which we architected and designed, uncommon wrote a wordpress plug-in that retrieves naked’s life online and publishes it to the sidebar on the right. when new site updates come in, the aggregator in the garage starts spinning its’ gears and blinks along a powerful led light grid.


how does the saying go? quality work, cheap or fast. pick any two. we didn’t buckle and carried all three. working within the constraints of a minimal budget and a mere month to pull it together, we delivered an intricate model of a levittown bungalow that interacts with visitors of the web site.  taking direction from the global naked communications site, which is built around a victorian style doll house, we set out to create the american equivalent for the ny office: we all agreed on the style of the 50s’ cultivated suburban dream of levittown. so we decided to re-create a mini bungalow from that era.  here are just some of the many other details: the model of the model next to a handpainted globe in the study, the glowing embers -visible through the chimney- in the fireplace, the “welcome” that has been stenciled onto the mat, a cop car simulation on the tv in the master bedroom, a garden hose and a special grandma’s wallpaper in the kitchen.  to make the digital and analog convergence complete we created a hummingbird for example, which was only a prop on the web site, until we created a counterpart in the physical model. the same was true for the camera panel on the front door that controls the porch lights; it became analog so both ends would ‘click’.

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construction chief and concept sketches
carlos ancalmo

construction crew
andy burnett
tina chang
florian fangohr
tatyana rehkson
armanda rehbein

uncommon projects

client team
noah brier
joe liebman

concept, design and architectural drawings
florian fangohr