• 1/11 
    since 2004 fangohr has worked with renegade to help panasonic in a variety of projects like identity, interactive design, micro sites, and online marketing. this is a cross-sampling of some of the work. Shown: the award winning panasonic lifebox site.
  • 2/11 
    lifebox + lifestream technology
  • 3/11 
    lifebox longplay recording mode
  • 4/11 
    the sd-card at the center of the panasonic lifestream connectivity
  • 5/11 
    club panasonic logo design. final logo in the lower left
  • 6/11 
    icon designs to be used for web site and on electronic devices
  • 7/11 
    panasonic consumer electronics homepage re-design
  • 8/11 
    consumer electronics re-design dvd section
  • 9/11 
    panasonic direct e-commerce store: branding and logo
  • 10/11 
    custom typography for the logo treatment
  • 11/11 
    animated video ad-campaign for panasonic plasmas

view panasonic dvd-r web site

in practice

though we are design control freaks by nature, sometimes it feels good to just let go. in this case we aren’t the agency of record but rather the elves who come in to solve problems: we translate engineer speech, implement the style guide when others stray, and generally put out fires – while keeping tear-free eyes towards the consistency of a clear message.  as is usual once we get our foot in the door, somebody will get a hold of it and pull the rest of fangohr in too: the relationship evolved and we are now often involved at the planning stage, designing schematics and giving honest assessments of the underlying web architecture before we execute design.  ‘letting go’ already got a little harder again…


rewarding work: the dvd-recorder web site we designed for panasonic, won a w3 award.  back for more:  we went in for a quick logo design with a two day turn-around and got stuck: it’s a great place for a flexible design studio without fear to point out flaws and wheel in solutions.

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carlos ancalmo

robot logos
joachim müller-lancé

art direction, schematics and design
florian fangohr