• 1/10 
    renegade was a new york city based guerilla marketing firm. afterwards they were a new york city based guerilla marketing and design firm. what happened to them in the interim? we did.
  • 2/10 
    renegade logo before and after
  • 3/10 
    renegade site. displaying the homepage with the animated hsbc bank cab feature. renegade convinced the bank to offer a free ride to anyone with a hsbc bank card.
  • 4/10 
    web site homepage: doubleclick feature
  • 5/10 
    company/people, sort them by their favourite food
  • 6/10 
    web site client section: browse and drag the node connections
  • 7/10 
    renegade styleguide: colours and a custom typeface.
  • 8/10 
    renegade brochure, front and back
  • 9/10 
    we designed a new york city guide for renegade: visit isawny.com
  • 10/10 
    we designed and built the renegade greensaver. a screen saver that serves up eco-friendly tips

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in practice

we had some ideas of our own but just couldn’t pry the hand saw from drew neisser’s - renegade’s ceo’s - hard grip. so we waved a white flag and let the negotiations begin. we traded in the old trusty saw for a brand new, razor sharp one - visible in the logo above.  we left nothing else unearthed: derived from the logo’s typography, renegade got a custom typeface, stationery - complete with mailing labels, letter head, business and note cards -, a web site and brochure. after the job was done renegade painted a wall and installed metal logo plaques in chelsea market too.  we are glad to report that nobody ever got seriously injured in the making of the new renegade. it could be because sharp cutting tools are less prone to hurt people accidentally than dull ones.


renegade is still getting compliments for the site, four years after the fact. they just recently asked us to think about what we wanted to do for a re-design.  digital or not. we think design needs to last, otherwise it’s simply a bad business decision.

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logo, type design

mike kohnke

flash joshua musick

production, code renegade marketing concept, design, illustrations and photography

florian fangohr