A multi-national pharmaceutical company gets nurses thinking.

Sanofi wanted to put a spotlight on all the great work nurses do. The idea: If nurses are responsible for and provide primary care to more patients than any other class of healthcare provider, why aren’t their endeavors showcased? How can we get them to share their practices and innovations?

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Florence Nightingale

Sanofi Care Challenge homepage

Care Challenge is an international program recognizing nursing innovation. It poses a simple challenge: How can you improve the lives of patients, colleagues, or your community? By creating an online platform for the global nursing community, sharing innovation and putting it into practice is easy. The challenge highlights creative care solutions developed by nurses around the world, providing new resources and sources of inspiration.

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Sanofi Care Challenge winners
Two types of awards were given: professionally produced videos to publicize winning work, or 3,000 euros to fund the nurse’s project.

Hygienic Technology

Discover Sanofi Care Challenge
We designed a clean, highly-organized site for Care Challenge. The application is built to be multi-lingual and support Sanofi’s corporate validation process. The content management system is customized to easily adjust and create new fields for each language added. Nurses’ submissions are sent to all relevant departments of the company, past challenge submissions are archived, and the content can be browsed in a variety of ways.

A Nursing Need met

Sanofi Care Challenge - The Nurses Podcast Project
With tens of thousands of likes on the Care Challenge site, and one hundred submissions from countries ranging from Burkina Faso to the Philippines, Care Challenge proved that nurses were in need of a platform to connect, share, and challenge outdated practices.

Introducing the “Connecting Nurses” initiative.

Nursing Talk

The only constant in life is CHANGE, and Pod.RN is a way for change... Go Pod. RN. Keen Barandino February 17, 2012via CC Website
:) Lysander Ranido February 11, 2012via CC Website
The nursing podcast is a trailblazer in the field of nursing informatics. Way to go! Stephanie Claros February 09, 2012via CC Website
I'm all out in supporting you guyz! whatever help you need from us, in realizing pod.RN, it would be an honor to be able to share our contribution. Kristyl Sebalda February 08, 2012via CC Website
go go go pod RN!!! Jonathan Monis, RN February 08, 2012via CC Website
This project is very innovative and the first in the Philippines! Mabuhay! Alvin Cloyd Dakis February 08, 2012tvia CC Website

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