How to fit the totality of existence (in ‘09) into a web browser.

Seed asked us to take on the web site that accompanies the science magazine’s end-of-the-year issue: The Universe in '09. And could we get it done in just a few weeks, to coincide with the World Economic Forum?

Inspire curiosity.

A microfiche viewer allows for a magnified look into the pressing issues in science, politics, and design that year.

With constant interaction, the user can explore the breadth of the Universe in ‘09 first hand. Drag and select categories or roll over the spectral navigation to highlight a metaverse of topics and trigger acoustic keys. The image zoom extended the reach for telescopic views of Seed’s spectacular graphics.

Concept, identity,web design, engineering
Flash, PHP, Expression Engine, HTML, Javascript
Seed: The Universe in 09

Look a little closer.

Seed Magazine - The Universe In 2009 Seed Magazine - The Universe In 2009

Consider the smallest of matter.

Seed Magazine - The Universe In 2009
Seed Magazine - The Universe In 2009

Leave inertia

We were pleasantly surprised to open an issue of GQ Magazine and find the site featured in an HP ad.

Communication Arts Magazine featured our site as a web-pick of the week on their homepage, and the tweets started coming in:

Ce site est vertigineux: l'univers en 2009 @Lea_KVia Twitter
I’d love to see the NYT article skimmer work more like this. @iclazieVia Twitter
FanBloodyTastic. @MediaFrontVia Twitter
Have you seen Seed? Bye bye wired. #ui09 @zendreamerVia Twitter
Seed Hewlett Packard ad

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