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Titel Network is an online publisher of fashion, streetwear, and coolhunting sites. Built on eight years of relentless posting, the brand had reached a certain notoriety. 

About that notoriety.

This also brought with it an unstable legacy of technology. We transferred almost 100k posts from 40+ Wordpress installations into one system that interfaced with a single front-end to serve mobile, tablet, and traditional computers, across their sites. Then we refreshed the branding of the network sites.

Titel Media - Selectism homepage

We were one of the first sites on the web to utilize high definition graphics. Social media and ads were loaded dynamically to keep the site as snappy as possible, and a switch from small to large image display allowed the visitor to choose how they’d like to view their site.

graphic identity, web design, engineering, mobile
HTML5, responsive, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress, Facebook, SEO
2012, 2013

The identity

We refreshed the Titel Media brands, starting with Selectism. The strikethrough on the -ism performs the blog’s ultimate task: to be selective.

Color chips

  • #ffffff
  • #000000
  • #565454

Selectism now sports:

Alternate Gothic No.3 & Plantin for subheads.

Planned out.

The concept of design that systematically responded to the resolution and capabilities of the device was relatively new. The iPad with ‘Retina’ graphics had just hit the market. So we jumped in with both feet; ‘Foreseeable-future-proof ’ meant support for both. Here are our Titel Media Network blueprints.

Titel Media grid framework

How it panned out.

Titel Media responsive screenshots

In addition to the new design, we worked to maximize SEO value on every page, integrate with Google+ author profiles to show their portraits in search results, and integrate their blogs to post automatically to applications like Twitter and Facebook.


Title Media store guide responsive

Our team also built the international HighSnob store guide. Posts could now be associated with stores, and vice versa across the network of sites, and browsed on the go.

Fast, clean, easy to ‘like’

Titel network already drew millions of visitors a month before we were involved. But 8 months later HighSnob had gone from 100,000 Facebook likes to 150,000, and the average page render time was reduced by more than half. A solid base for the next 8 years.

50k+ 'Likes' in 7 months

Within 8 months of relaunch HighSnobiety alone added 50k facebook likes.

42% traffic increase

Following launch, HS retained an increase in traffic over a 6 month period.

72% faster pages

Page rendering was also up over the same 6 month period. This was achieved through smartly deferred loading for externally loaded content.

Highsnob got dat fiyah this morn! They have definitely stepped n2 the AM! @highsnobiety @oajewelsvia Twitter
Web Highsnob ma hezky re-design. Parada @milankolanvia Twitter
HighSnob with the redesign and proper gallery. #wellplayed @seanbotvia Twitter
oh sh*t, highsnob with the new layout. @Ty_Sneakhypevia Twitter
Thumbs Up to @highsnobiety + @selectism on the New Site Design. So Fresh and So Clean. @FRESCOGoodsvia Twitter
New @selectism site looks ace. Congrats @jeffcarvalho and the team. @glenn_rig_outvia Twitter

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