• 1/7 
    tarikh korula and josh rooke-ley are behind uncommon projects, a company that uses computers, code and robotic installations as tools to make ideas a reality – if they are worth it. they wanted a logo design that reflected this spirit. we designed this.
  • 2/7 
    uncommon and fangohr share office space in dumbo. this is their door sign.
  • 3/7 
    business cards
  • 4/7 
    final logo and card design
  • 5/7 
    rejected concept sketch: back and front. normal projects = grey / uncommon projects = hot
  • 6/7 
    rejected concept sketch: gang signs
  • 7/7 
    rejected concept sketch: a crab holding a floppy

in practice

after some company soul searching , we arrived at the un-equal sign to put forward “uncommon” projects. then we used the golden mean as guide for the lay out.  initially we wanted to cut the stencil type and logo out of the card, but until tarikh and josh get the first round of venture capital funding for their brilliant idea, it just won’t happen.  uncommon projects are now subletting office space from us.


when tarikh and josh came over to pick up their package with the business cards, josh said…

these look good.

tarikh later wrote an email to clarify…

i think the cards look not just good but great.

if you would like a new logo that makes you feel good too, please contact us

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