we are fangohr, llc.,
a creative studio in brooklyn. for over ten years, we’ve turned ideas into objects, websites, and businesses.
because we like to.

Fangohr, LLC


    We obsess. When the project is right. When the client is the right fit. Here are some things to consider:

    • 1. We like smart clients.

      Without your involvement, ideas, and criticism, the best is not attainable.

    • 2. We can’t work wonders for everyone.

      We commit to projects when we believe in the idea.

    • 3. Trust our experience.

      We’ve been doing this for years .

    • 4. We aren’t tools.

      We are problem solvers. Give us time and space to find good answers.

    • 5. Have convictions.

      If you are indecisive and ambivalent, we can only offer a compromised project.

    • 6. We work to hit your deadlines.

      Pay us on time.

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