The next wave of healthcare—
from the ground up.

We're really proud of Sherpaa, the graphic identity, and the site we designed, built, and wrote for them. They're the kind of client we love to work with: smart, ambitious, out to change the world.

Our partnership with Sherpaa began long before their recent site re-launch. When co-founder and CEO Jay Parkinson approached us with chutzpah and a great idea, we knew we’d make it work.

What's Sherpaa? The CEO describes is best.

Sherpaa Homepage

Sherpaa is a new kind of benefits company. While they take care of all your health-related HR (and save you a ton of money in the process), they’re also doctors – available around the clock to solve their clients’ health issues. They’re here to remedy a broken healthcare system, one office at a time.

Graphic identity, copy, concept, application design, web design, print design, sales materials, motion graphics, animation, engineering
HTML5, JavaScript, responsive, Expression Engine

The identity

In the first iteration of Sherpaa, we discovered the logo, typography, color scheme, and aesthetic. The retro feel brings you back to a time when doctors made house calls and knew the names of all your ten children. Big, close-up images of the doctors themselves remind us that healthcare can still be personal.

Color chips

  • #d36a58
  • #565454
  • #ffffff
  • #abafb0

Sherpaa Typography:

Clarendon bold
Clarendon regular

One year later: Sherpaa 2.0

The first launch of Sherpaa brought with it a bunch of new business, great press, and a bigger budget. When approached for Sherpaa 2.0, we had a whole new set of challenges. How could we communicate crystal clear that Sherpaa means business, without scaring anyone away? How could we talk numbers without putting the audience to sleep?

Sherpaa mini infographics
We crafted a couple mini infographics to explain the benefits and savings of Sherpaa and the shortcomings of the healthcare industry, recycling and refining the initial brand pathos and voice.
Sherpaa icons
Our team handled all of the content creation; Micro-stories, illustrations, and subtle animations were used to explain how Sherpaa creatively solves health problems.


Here are some of our favorite quotes and press features on Sherpaa. We suspect Sherpaa will go far in 2013.

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Swirnow and Parkinson are using social media to turn healthcare on its head. ForbesThe internet
The 2.0 site launch brought us a ton of new business prospects over the first weekend alone. Cheryl Swirnow, Co-FounderVia email

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